Counter Tops

We know how beautiful yet durable natural stone surfaces are. Marble, granite and slate are the top choices for countertops. Lexington Cut Stone Marble & Tile Company, Inc. offers not only natural stone countertops but we also fabricate fireplaces, tabletops, vanities and more on site.


Because marble is smooth and cool, this makes it ideal for rolling dough and making pastries. Marble does require sealants to be applied frequently to prevent stains.

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Granite and Marble Counter TopsGranite and Marble Counter TopsGranite and Marble Counter Tops


Granite is very durable and is resistant to chips and scratches. It is so durable that you can place hot pots directly on the surface. Granite requires a sealant but it absorbs very little and only requires resealing about once yearly.


In the past, Slate was commonly used as a weather resistant roofing material. Today it has become a more popular choice for kitchen countertops. It is durable, hard and fireproof as well as very beautiful. Although it's not necessary, sealing it regularly gives it extra protection from stains.